My name is Simona Constantin and I can say that I have always had a passion for manicure.

In 2021 I decided that it is time to look for a trainer to do a basic course. That’s how I discovered Adriana Cirstea. I loved her from the first moment, she was what she should be! As a result, during the course at CIA Nails & Beauty I learned everything necessary in the field of nails, she was and still is my support and that’s how I managed to move forward.

I chose to use CIA products because I was pleasantly impressed by them. They have a very wide range, and personally, if I get used to a product, I continue with it. My clients are always satisfied and that’s what matters!

Everything started to take shape, to improve myself every day, to become better and better and that’s thanks to you, the clients who were satisfied with each of my works and that made me want more and better! Thank you to everyone who sustained me, my beautiful family and especially Adriana who is and will always be my role model!

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